Supporting people after sudden death including COVID-19

Help for bereaved adults and their carers

The information on these pages has been prepared for you, at this very challenging time. It is based on best practice guidance from bereavement and trauma academics and practitioners.

COVID-19 (coronavirus)

If you have been bereaved by COVID-19, or are caring for someone who has, go to our

COVID-19 bereavement guidance

Coping with sudden death by any other cause

At the beginning: coping with the shock
This page gives advice on coping with the shock when you find out that someone close to you has suddenly died.

The first few weeks: challenging thoughts and reactions
This page helps you understand the difficult, and challenging, thoughts and reactions you may suffer from in the first weeks of your bereavement.

The first few weeks: advice on coping
This page provides straightforward advice on how to cope with difficult thoughts and reactions during the first weeks of your bereavement.

After a month: ongoing thoughts and reactions
Some people recover fully and quickly. But it is normal for many people to suffer continued reactions. Learn about these reactions and how to seek help for traumatic grief and post-traumatic stress.

Procedures and paperwork
A sudden death is accompanied by often unfamiliar procedures, at a difficult time. This page helps you prepare for them.

You can also download a copy of Coping with grief when someone you love dies suddenly.