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Dying Matters Awareness Week - What can you do?

Dying Matters Awareness Week - What can you do?

The period following any death is a difficult time, but a sudden death is particularly devastating for the loved ones of the person who has died. Those grieving find their lives have changed greatly, with no warning, and often little preparation. All deaths have an impact, but a sudden death brings its own unique set of issues.

Dying Matters Awareness Week 2017 focuses on the theme ‘What can you do?’. We are encouraging people to offer their support to people who have been bereaved – relatives, friends and colleagues – by helping them in practical ways and listening to them when they are ready to talk.

So… What can you do?

Everyone grieves differently; however, it is more common after a sudden bereavement for a person to experience intense grief and more extreme emotions, due to the lack of warning.

If you know someone who has been suddenly bereaved, be aware that they may feel scared, vulnerable and angry, but they will also need support. You could support them in practical ways, by offering a lift, helping them around the house, doing their shopping or cooking, or offer to spend time with them in a place where they feel safe and comfortable.

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